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Why wait until you sell to get your home looking its best?
Do it now, so you and your family can enjoy it!

"My living room looks amazing." Jane W.

Are you tired of how your house looks?  Did you just move into a new home?

You don’t have to sell your home to benefit from our Interior Design & Decor services.  We have many different ways to help you rejuvenate your home.  Staging to Live is also known as Redesign or “Use what you have” design.  It is for those of you that need assistance in making your house feel like a home or want to spruce up your living space without the expense of buying all new furniture and accessories.  We work within your budget and use your existing furniture and accessories in a creative way to give your room or entire house a fresh new look.  This includes rearrangement and repurposing of furniture and accessories, organizing and de-cluttering, and paint color and material suggestions.  We can suggest any additional items that may be needed to complete a room and offer a personal shopping service if you are too busy to purchase the items yourself.  We can also help you design a completely new room from the ceiling to the floor, with new light fixtures, flooring, and all of the furnishings in between. We can do as little or as much as you like.

“Brilliant design – I really love my home.”   Dr. Walker

Examples of clients that use the Staging to Live Service:

  • Moving to a new home of equal size, but different floor layout
  • Moving to a new home of larger size
  • Downsizing to a new home (such as “empty nesters” and seniors)
  • Blended family households
  • Busy working professionals that don’t have time to think about redesigning their own home, but want a relaxing and comfortable place to come home to
  • Homes with rooms that are awkward in shape and size
  • Homes with rooms that have multiple purposes
  • Rooms that lack personality, character, or focus
  • Outdated rooms that need a fresh new look
  • Rooms that need to be changed from one purpose to a new purpose (such as a baby nursery, home office, or guest bedroom)

Interior Design & Decor service:

This service begins with an introductory consultation to assess what is needed for Redesigning a single room or multiple rooms in your home. We then prepare an estimate for Redesign Services and provide a written Proposal to you within 24 hours. Once a Proposal for Services has been accepted, we go to work to refresh your room or rooms as discussed.  Design projects can be completed with a project fee or on a per hour basis.

Investment:  varies depending on project; per hour rate is $200/hr for Traditional Design Service; $300/hr for Sacred Space Design Service

Our Professional Policy is that our Services are paid at the time of service.  We require a non-refundable deposit for shopping services that is applied to the overall fees.  You will be provided a detailed receipt for all services rendered.