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"The Investment in Staging is Always Less than the First Price Reduction."

  • An ASP® Staged house sells faster than the un-staged competition - 94.6% of  ASP® Staged Homes sell on average in 35 days or less, compared to 175 days on the market for non-staged homes.
  • An ASP® Staged house looks better in photos online and in person – Over 85% of buyers look online first to preview potential houses and screen out those that are unappealing.  Staging ensures your house looks its best in photos, virtual tours, and brochures.
  • An ASP® Staged house sells at a better price than the un-staged competition allowing you to keep more equity – Typical price reductions are between 5-20% (based on National Association of Realtors® study).  This means that on average, a $300,000 property will drop in price $15,000-$60,000 in order to respond to market conditions.  When a house is Staged, it will sell faster than its un-staged competition, which means that it will not sit on the market as long.  When a house is not on the market as long it is less likely to have to be reduced in price.
  • Return on Staging Investment (ROSI) is estimated at 319%-578% (from
  • Because your home has been professionally Staged, it will be recognized as an ASP® Staged house.
  • ASP® Staged houses are recognized by other real estate agents as properties ready to sell.  They will be more likely to show your home to potential buyers.
  • ASP® Staged houses are recognized by buyers as the best properties to see.
  • More buyers want to see Staged houses, increasing your visibility and showings.
  • ASP® Staged houses qualify for special promotional materials including street signs and print material designations – allowing your home to be marketed to more potential buyers.
  • Staged houses have been neutralized to allow ALL Buyers to imagine living there.
  • Buyers view Staged houses as well cared for properties.
  • Building Inspectors view Staged houses as cared for properties.
  • Appraisers are more likely to appraise Staged houses at full value.

Staging Myths and Facts (from

Myth 1: Staging is Decorating. . .

Fact: Staging is NOT Decorating or Design! Decorating or Design is personalizing and Staging is De-personalizing and preparing a house for the unknown buyer.  That is why it’s KEY that you hire someone with training specifically on how to prepare a house for sale.

The Accredited Staging Professional® Designation (ASP®) is the ONLY nationally recognized professional designation for Home Staging.  Be sure to hire Lisa, with Design Smart Home Staging & Redesign, as your professional ASP® Home Stager.

Myth 2: Staging Costs Too Much. . .

Fact: Staging is an Investment in getting a house sold and the investment in Staging is always less than price reduction.  As an ASP® Stager, Lisa has been trained to work with a Sellers’ budget and time frame to properly Stage a house.  We like to ask our clients, “Can you afford NOT to stage?”  When compared with the other costs associated with the sale of purchase of a home, Staging is very reasonable.  In most markets, a Staging report detailing what needs to be done to Stage the house for sale is less than the appraisal.

Myth 3: All I Need Are Lights, Flowers & Music. . .

Fact: Lights, flowers, music are great for Showing a house, but that is not Staging.  Staging requires an objective and professional assessment of a house’s strengths and challenge areas and solutions to help Buyers fall in love with what they see.  This requires more than just flowers and music to achieve – it requires and Action Plan!  Your ASP® Stagers can help you with a Success Plan for getting your house STAGED and SOLD!

Myth 4: I Can Just Watch One of Those Shows. . .

Fact: The Shows on HGTV and similar channels give Sellers the idea that they need to do something to their house to prepare it for sale, but Sellers cannot truly be objective in a house they have been living in and need a 3rd party independent opinion to get it properly Staged.  Lisa has the experience and ideas to help Sellers get their houses ready and she honors her clients and works closely with real estate agents to help get a house sold.


Home Staging

"The Investment in Staging is Always Less Than the First Price Reduction!"

95% of ASP® Staged Houses SELL within 35 days or less!

ASP® Staged Houses sell for 5-10% MORE than the un-staged competition

Staging is a marketing tool!  When you put your home up for sale, it becomes a “product” that Buyers will be comparing to the other “products” on the market before they make a purchase.  To compete in the marketplace, your home has to be priced correctly and be more attractive and appealing to the largest number of Buyers.  The process of staging transforms your “Home” into a “Product.” Staged homes are carefully crafted to present a lifestyle that Buyers find appealing, inviting, and intriguing. People want and need to be inspired when they walk into a home, and they need to be able to envision themselves living there.   They also need to be able to see and remember the wonderful features of your house, because as Barb Schwarz says, “We can’t sell it if we can’t see it.”

Staging is about neutralizing, depersonalizing, and de-cluttering your home.  You wouldn’t sell your car without detailing it first, and you shouldn’t sell your house without staging it either.  You deserve to get the most amount of money for your house! No matter what type of real estate market you are in, staging helps you sell for more money and in quicker amount of time.  Working with an Design Smart Staging Expert will give you the Staged Home Advantage!

Buyers shop for houses differently than they used to.  85% of buyers are looking on the internet first, so they are looking through the eyes of the camera!  This means that they are qualifying, or eliminating, properties based on the way they look in pictures.  We all know from personal experience that the camera hides no flaws!  When you work with a Design Smart Staging Expert, you expect us to help you prepare your house for sale so it shows better than the competition.  With your Staged home on the market, you can be sure you’ll be moving. . .and when you move you’ll need to pack. . .so just pack up early!

“Clutter eats equity.”– Barb Schwarz

Why do I need to Stage® my Vacant home?

Vacant rooms are confusing to Buyers.  They need to be able to visualize where their furniture can be placed and what type of room it can be.  To the contrary of what most people think, Vacant Rooms Look Smaller than those with furniture in them.  That’s because there is nothing to show proportional space.  They will wonder if their furniture will fit in an empty room, and in most cases will assume NOT.  Staging allows you to paint a picture for Buyers with furniture and accessories.

Should I wait to see if my house sells before Staging it?

Absolutely NOT!  You only have one chance to make a first impression.  The best time to Stage® your home is before you put it on the market so that the greatest number of Buyers can see how wonderful your house is.  Buyers and real estate agents only know what they see, not the way it’s going to be.  Also, you want your appraiser and your real estate agent to value your home at the highest possible price. 

Examples of clients that use the Staging to Sell Service:

*    Homeowners that want to sell their home for higher profit and in a shorter amount of time

*    Real Estate Agents that want a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to stand apart from their competition

*    Real Estate Agents that want to sell their listings for higher profit and in a shorter amount of time

*    Builders that understand that Vacant Homes stay on the market for a significantly longer period of time than Occupied Homes

*    Builders that want to use the incentive of Staging to Sell to entice buyers to their properties

*    Real Estate Investors that understand that Vacant Homes stay on the market for a significantly longer period of time than Occupied Homes

Home Staging Services to

Sell Your Home Faster and For More Money

Staging Consultation for Occupied Homes:
This option is the most budget friendly available.  Design Smart Home Staging will travel to your home, tour it with you room-by-room, and give you up to one and a half hour of professional advice on how best to prepare and stage your home, using your existing possessions.  We’ll share tips for showcasing your home’s best features, re-positioning furniture, and strategic placement of other items.  Once the tour is over, you will know what to do to stage your home so that it looks its best.  This is for the Do-It-Yourself home sellers or for those with small budgets.

Investment:  $200.00-$300.00 (fee depends on location and size of home)

Proposal for Services (for Occupied or Vacant Homes):

We would be happy to come and visit your home for a brief period of time to assess what is needed for Staging your home using our services.  We then prepare an estimate for Staging Services and provide a written Proposal to you within 24 hours.

Investment:  No Charge

Home Staging for Occupied Houses:

We provide hands-on Staging services once a Proposal for Services has been accepted or, if requested, after the Home Consultation for fine-tuning. We Stage® your home by de-cluttering your rooms and by using your existing décor and furnishings with our creative expertise.  We only bring in additional accessories and furniture if absolutely needed.

Investment:  varies depending on project

Home Staging for Vacant Houses:

We provide hands-on Staging services once a Proposal for Services has been accepted.  We Stage® your home by using rental accessories from our inventory and/or from third party rental companies.  We can provide “vignette” Staging for those on a budget, or can provide a full Staging for the greatest outcome. We can do as little or as much as you would like.

Investment:  varies depending on project

Our Professional Policy is that our Services are paid at the time of service. We require a non-refundable deposit for shopping services that is applied to the overall fees.  You will be provided a detailed receipt for all services rendered.

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