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Let us tell you how we work . . .

We follow a proven process in our Home Staging, Interior Design/Decor, and Color Consultation Projects and honor our clients in all we do. From the detailed Staging consultation to actually removing and moving things around your home, we can do as little or as much as you would like in order to ready your home for sale or turn your house into a home for living.  It's up to you.

Home Staging For Real Estate Sales

Why should I spend money on my house when I am trying to sell it and move away?

Home Staging is worth the investment because you maximize the amount of money you keep from the sale of your house.  In a hot market, this could mean even more money, and in a slower market, this means your house is less likely to have to drop in price to bring a buyer.  The investment in staging will actually help you get more money for your house and is always less than the amount of your first price reduction.

Staging Consultation for Occupied Houses:
This option is the most budget friendly available.  Design Smart Home Staging will travel to your home, tour it with you room-by-room, and give you up to one and a half hour of professional advice on how best to prepare and stage your home, using your existing possessions.  We’ll share tips for showcasing your home’s best features, re-positioning furniture, and strategic placement of other items. Once the tour is over, you will know what to do to stage your home so that it looks its best.  This is for the Do-It-Yourself home sellers or for those with small budgets.

Investment:  $200.00-$300.00 (fee depends on location and size of home)

Proposal for Services (Occupied or Vacant Homes):

We would be happy to come and visit your home for a brief period of time to assess what is needed for Staging your home using our services.  We then prepare an estimate for Staging Services and provide a written Proposal to you within 24 hours.

Investment:  No Charge

Home Staging for Occupied Houses:

We provide hands-on Staging services once a Proposal for Services has been accepted or, if requested, after the Home Consultation for fine-tuning. We Stage® your home by de-cluttering your rooms and by using your existing décor and furnishings with our creative expertise.  We only bring in additional accessories and furniture if absolutely needed.

Investment:  varies depending on project

Home Staging for Vacant Houses:

We provide hands-on Staging services once a Proposal for Services has been accepted.  We Stage® your home by using rental accessories from our inventory and/or from third party rental companies.  We can provide “vignette” Staging for those on a budget, or can provide a full Staging for the greatest outcome. We can do as little or as much as you would like.

Investment:  varies depending on project

Design Services

Interior Design & Decor:

This service begins with an introductory consultation to assess what is needed for Redesigning a single room or multiple rooms in your home. We then prepare an estimate for Redesign Services and provide a written Proposal to you within 24 hours. Once a Proposal for Services has been accepted, we go to work to refresh your room or rooms as discussed.

Investment:  $200 per hour for Traditional Design/Decor Service; $300 per hour for Sacred Space Design Service

Color Consultations:

Color consultations vary greatly for each project.  Options are custom tailored to each client's desires and will be based on what is currently in the home and what, if anything, will be changed by the homeowners or a third party contractor (such as new flooring, kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, etc.).

Investment:  Initial consultation - $200.00 per hour

Personal Shopping:

If at any time during the Staging process, you decide that you do not have the time or desire to shop for additional furniture or accessories that have been recommended by us and approved by you, we offer a personal shopping service, billed at an hourly rate.  We have the knowledge of resources and the eye for what will work in your home, with the ability to creatively and effectively work within your budget.  

Investment:  $150.00 per hour

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Our Professional Policy is that our Services are paid at the time of service. We require a non-refundable deposit for shopping services that is applied to the overall fees.  You will be provided a detailed receipt for all services rendered.